Photo Guidelines

A crucial component of the final quality of your art piece is the quality of photo you upload. Our artists will use this photo  to capture all of your pets features and colours, so it’s important that you take this into consideration. 

We recommend that you take a new photo specifically for this portrait, rather than choosing an existing photo from your camera roll.

1. Natural Light

Photos should ideally be shot in soft, natural lighting. Try heading outside or snapping your picture next to a window.

2. Eye Level

Take the photo at eye level and, to the best of your ability, try to guide your pet to look directly at the camera. Avoid overhead or blurry photos.

3. Avoid Filters

Ensure photos do not have a filter applied as our artists need to capture your pets correct, natural colour and shade. Photo's should be shot in soft, natural light. 

4. Get Close

Give our artists as much detail as possible. Make sure your photo is taken at close range and that your pet is in complete focus.

5. Avoid Shadows

Ensure your pets whole face and shoulders are clearly lit and not shadowed in any way. This is important and helps our artists correctly capture your pets colour tone.

Just remember...

When selecting a photo, your pet should look exactly how you want them to look in the final portrait. 

Our team will reach out to you if the photo you have selected does not meet the required criteria or cannot be used for any reason.

Don't forget - We’re here to help

If you are uncertain about your image and unsure if it will work, simply email a copy to and we’ll help you out as soon as we can.

We understand that it is not always possible to follow the above guidelines for pets who have passed away, so please reach out for assistance. More often than not, we are still able to achieve a fantastic outcome.

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