Ten Tips to Puppy Proof Your Home!

As a new puppy parent, it can be easy to believe that your ‘furry child’ is a perfect creature on Earth. How could something so cute and loving step a foot wrong? To keep your fluffball’s commendable reputation intact, we highly recommend these tips to puppy-proof your home.

1. Your valuables may whisper ‘eat me’

Anything valuable on the ground instantly
becomes at risk of being a new favourite chew toy or pee mat. If you’re lucky enough to have a spare room, save that Turkish Rug for the office and keep the door closed AT ALL TIMES. We don’t know why but the more expensive the item, the more it whispers to puppies ‘please poop here’. The same rule applies for shoes, if they are on the ground, you only have yourself to blame if your puppy thinks they look yummy and has a nibble or ten.

2. That [not so] special spark

This ‘ground level’ tip also applies to electrical cords that
may be lounging around. It would be helpful to get into the habit of switching off
power outlets at the wall when you aren’t using them.

3. Dangerous houseplants

Since isolation hit, bringing the outdoors – indoors, has
become even more popular. As beautiful as indoor botanical gardens are, now you
have a puppy, it is important to be sure you are filling your space with non-
poisonous plant varieties. Some of the more common plants that puppies should
avoid are aloe vera, baby’s breath, carnations and lilies. For a more comprehensive
list of dangerous plants follow this link to the Australian RSPCA website.

4. Create a safe space

As much as we would love to take our puppies to join us on our grocery shop, we can’t. So, when we aren’t at the house and have to leave precious little Walter unsupervised, he will need to know his boundaries. Giving them a fluffy
dog bed or designated blanket/couch spot will provide them with a sanctuary they
feel comfortable and safe in whilst your cooing sounds are shopping for dog treats in Woolworths.

5. Your puppy will not be doing the dishes

Therefore, your pet has no need to access
the detergent. Keep all cleaning products away from your puppy! A vast majority of
these products are toxic to animals. Keep these stowed away in the cupboard under
your sink or on a high shelf in your pantry. Same tip applies to any human
medications, skincare, shoe polish or glues. 

6. Puppies are hyper curious

“What is in mum’s bosses’ handbag on the couch?” sniff-
sniff, wee-wee. “How about behind this baby gate…a latch, that’s easy. Luckily, I
have a long snout and can just whack this wide open” poop Our tip is to look at your house as a mine field and conduct a risk assessment, mitigating dangers. Sounds intense, however welcome to parenthood!

7. Puppy playgroup

Isolation has changed the way these operate, dependant on
where in the world you are. Dogs certainly do not understand social distancing and
seem to beeline for a bottom to sniff as soon as they are released off their leash at
the local dog park. School For Dogs have introduced some online puppy play groups and lessons. Check these out here!

8. Love them sick

This is more an option rather than a ‘tip’. You could just carry your pet with you EVERYWHERE. Cuddles all day erryday. We understand if you are
obsessed with your puppy. We are too. However, to curb any obsessive behaviours
such as constantly holding our puppy and not letting them walk – we hit up Walter On the Wall and had an artwork of our puppy made instead.

9. Keep a Lid on it

Ladies rejoice – welcoming a puppy to your home gives you the best reason EVER for any male in the household to always put down the toilet seat and lid. As previously mentioned, puppies are curious and could potentially find toilet bowls intriguing. “No Sandy, that is NOT your water bowl!” Oh dear…don’t say we didn’t warn you.

10. Make them feel like a part of the family

By having a customised pet portrait hanging on your wall next to a picture of Grandad Jack and Aunty Martha, your puppy will feel important and ‘part of the fam’.

🐾 Woof woof (good luck)

Walter On the Wall
Proudly based in Melbourne, Walter On The Wall specialises in creating one-of-a-kind custom portraits of your beloved fur babies! 

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